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Sponsor a Community - Monthly Donation

Regular price $35.00

One thing that makes ChildFund different is our approach to community development. We don’t just send money overseas and hope it makes a difference. Instead, we work closely with local organisations to create a Road Map plan that takes each community towards self-reliance.

Through Community Sponsorship, you can choose the community your monthly donations will go to support.

As part of our commitment to helping children and youth to thrive, we are constantly monitoring our progress in these Road Map communities – ensuring that everything we do takes the community (and the children, youth and families who live there) closer to sustainability.

For $35 per month, you will be creating long-term change in a community where ChildFund works. Your support will help us improve access to education, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and child protective services in the community – all so we can help children and youth to thrive. A portion of your monthly support will also be used towards our Future Fund, giving ChildFund the ability to help children well into the future.

What you receive:

  • You choose which community your monthly donations will go towards
  • Your own copy of our community Road Map to track the progress your support is helping to achieve for the children and youth who live there
  • Bi-annual reports and photos showing you exactly how your donations have been used
  • Telephone updates from the ChildFund team in Auckland
  • Annual Road Map progress reports with stories and photos from the community you support
  • A personalised invitation to visit the community you support
  • A subscription to our monthly Thrive e-newsletter
  • A copy of our annual report and financial statements, showing how community sponsors and Future Fund donors are helping us to achieve our life-changing mission
  • Exclusive offers and promotions