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Our work in the Pacific Islands

Supporting our Pacific neighbours since 1994.

Support children in The Pacific

Become a Community Sponsor for children in The Pacific.

You can change the lives of children and youth in the Pacific

There are thousands of children living without access to the basics in countries like Kiribati, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. With your support, we can reach those most vulnerable and create lasting change for those who need you the most. Help children and youth in the Pacific Islands today!


There are children and youth who need your support

For over 28 years, ChildFund has been helping children, youth and families in Papua New Guinea, and more recently Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

Children in Kiribati

Facts About The Pacific

Why your support is needed to help communities in the Pacific.

Family in Papua New Guinea
Children are experiencing violence in their everyday lives

In Papua New Guinea an estimated 2.8 million children experience violent discipline in their home.

Child in Kiribati
Unsafe drinking water is causing infant mortality in Kiribati

Kiribati has the highest infant mortality rates in the Pacific linked to diarrhoea, dysentery, and gastroenteritis from unsafe drinking water.

Children in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea has a maternal mortality rate of 215 per 100,000 live births

An estimated 580 mothers die each year. The lifetime risk of maternal death is eight times higher in PNG than in East Asia and the Pacific region on average.

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With your generosity, positive change is just the beginning


Ending violence against children in the Solomon Islands

Working with partners at a community, regional and national level to support families and communities to protect children, respond to and address child protection issues.

Baby and grandmother in Kiribati
Mother and daughter in Kiribati

Improving health clinics and resources in Papua New Guinea

By improving health clinics, communities are getting better support in times of need. Medical kits such as Delivery Kits are also provided to those who are in more remote areas which are lifesaving in cases when homebirths are the only option.


Providing Kiribati with solar-water distillation units, and training communities in safe water testing

Through installing solar powered water distillation units, local schools and communities have access to clean drinking water. They are also taught about the importance of safe drinking water, and good water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Children in Kiribati
Child in KiribatiChild in Kiribati

Create change for communities in The Pacific

As a community sponsor, you'll help children, their families and their communities to create sustainable change. You'll help provide support to projects that improve education, access to water and healthcare, and that keep children safe from harm. You'll be supporting communities in Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands to thrive!

Stories and Updates


In most countries ChildFund New Zealand supports, we work directly with the country office, who then work with local partners. From head office to grassroots, the teams are in regular contact to ensure we understand the community's needs and can channel your donations to where they're most needed.

ChildFund Kiribati

Their mission is to help children in Kiribati thrive through improving education, family wellbeing, nutrition, disaster resilience and safe drinking water.

Kiribati Institute of Technology

Offers short courses for trade and non-trade industries. Improving the skills of people in communities to enhance employment through education.

Kiribati Local Government Association

Through advocacy and partnerships, they provide local government services to empower the community with a focus on sustainability, democracy and governance.

ChildFund Papua New Guinea (PNG)

ChildFund PNG has a strong focus on stopping violence against women and children.


Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee based in Papua New Guinea. The committee works towards reducing the suffering of violence with a focus on survivors facing violence at home.

1-Tok Kaunselim Helpim Lain

A non-profit organisation in Papua New Guinea providing a free and confidential phone counselling service for anyone experiencing violence.

Honiara City Council

The local council in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Honiara Youth Council

Is a youth volunteer group representing the young people of Honiara, Solomon Islands.

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Other Communities

We believe in creating sustainable change through long-term community programmes focused on achieving self-reliance.

Family in Timor-Leste

Timor Leste

Since 1990 we have been supporting communities in Timor-Leste. This support helps provide youth with the training and skills to help their futures.

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Children in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

We have been helping children and communities in Sri Lanka since 2011. We are on our way to helping Batticaloa reach self-reliance.

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Mother and child in Kenya


Our work in Kenya began in 2006. By 2026 children and communities in Emali will be sustainable and have unlocked self-reliance.

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