Mother and child in ZambiaMother and child in Zambia

Our work in Luangwa, Zambia

Supporting children and families in Luangwa since 2010.

Support children in Zambia

Become a Community Sponsor for children in Zambia.

Creating change for children and families in Luangwa, Zambia

Through partnerships with local organisations, children, youth, and their families will have access to safe drinking water, resources for their livelihoods, access to quality education and healthcare. We need your help to implement these life-changing programmes and give children in Luangwa, Zambia a chance to thrive and live a life free from harm and abuse. Our shared goal to achieve this by 2026.


A rural community in eastern Africa, with unique wildlife and geography

ChildFund works in the rural district of Luangwa in Zambia, near the confluence of the mighty Zambezi and Luangwa rivers. Its geographical location means that wild animals roam free in these communities. Animal-human conflict is a regular occurrence resulting in damaged crops and sometimes loss of human life.

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Facts About Luangwa, Zambia

Why your support is needed to help communities in Zambia.

Child with water
Most families don’t have access to safe drinking water

One-third of children and their families have no access to safe, clean drinking water.

Child at children center
Many children drop out of school at an early age

Children may be forced to leave school due to finances, pregnancy, early marriage or illness.

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Transmission of malaria is a very real threat

Life-threatening malaria is endemic, especially amongst children and pregnant women.

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With your generosity, positive change is just the beginning


Access to safe drinking water is a problem for many

In Luangwa, people walk very far to collect contaminated water for their families to consume. ChildFund donors are helping by building safe water access points, boreholes nearby, and more.

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Agriculture is the main livelihood in Luangwa, but there are many challenges

Farmers in Luangwa face regular droughts, and when crops are grown, they aren't worth much. Animal-human conflict is also a big threat, due to the grazing wildlife in the local area. Donors help by providing chickens, dairy goats, seeds for trees and new crops, training on alternative income-generation techniques, and much more.


Luangwa has poor school infrastructure and limited access to qualified teachers and learning materials

Without adequate materials, teachers or classrooms, many students don't complete primary school. ChildFund supporters are helping build new classrooms, teachers’ housing, and more.

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child in Zambiachild in Zambia

Create change for communities in Zambia

As a community sponsor, you'll help children, their families and their communities to create sustainable change. You'll help provide support to projects that improve education, access to water and healthcare, and that keep children safe from harm. You'll be supporting communities in Zambia to thrive!

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In most countries ChildFund New Zealand supports, we work directly with the country office, who then work with local partners. From head office to grassroots, the teams are in regular contact to ensure we understand the community's needs and can channel your donations to where they're most needed.

During our visits, we also ensure agreed-upon standards are met and policies are followed. We would like to acknowledge the following in-country partners with whom we work most closely in Zambia, while also recognising the crucial importance of the local government bodies in our work.

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ChildFund Zambia

ChildFund Zambia provides support for our Dedicated Communities in Zambia, alongside the Luangwa Child Development Agency.

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Luangwa Child Development Agency

Luangwa Child Development Agency (LCDA) is a child focused non-profit who works to support vulnerable children in Luangwa. They work they do is to promote child and youth development by eliminating the causes of poverty.

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