Children in Sri LankaChildren in Sri Lanka

Our work in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Supporting children and families in Batticaloa since 2011.

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In eastern Sri Lanka, we are helping children and their families to thrive

We are working with communities in Batticaloa to ensure children and youth enjoy improved living conditions while actively engaging in decision-making to create an environment where they can live healthy lives and achieve their full potential in education and career. Our shared goal is to achieve this by 2026. Until then, we need your help implementing our life-changing programmes and projects for children in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.


A recovering community with many needs

ChildFund works in Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka, an area that is still recovering from the 25-year-long civil war which ended in 2009. In Sri Lanka, we’re supporting women with training and small loans to generate income for their families and educating parents about good nutrition and health. We’re working with schools to raise the level of teaching in the classroom so that students are more engaged and get better grades.

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Facts about Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Why your support is needed to help communities in Sri Lanka.

Children washing hands in Sri Lanka
Most families don’t have access to clean, safe water

In fact, only 25% of the 8,700 families in the area have access to adequate clean water.

Child in garden in sri lanka
Many children under age five are underweight

More than one in four children under the age of five in Batticaloa are underweight.

Youth in Sri Lanka
There is a high rate of teenage pregnancy

Batticaloa has the second highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country.

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With your generosity, positive change is just the beginning


There is a high prevalence of child malnutrition in Batticaloa

25% of children under five are underweight and malnutrition is double the national average. Our donors are helping families give nutritious food to children.

Children eating in Sri Lanka
Girl in Sri Lanka

Only 25% of the 8,700 families living in Batticaloa have access to clean water

Most people access water via piped water, tube wells, common dug wells and channel water. Only about 15% of wells are protected, ensuring their water is not contaminated. Our donors help by constructing water access points and toilets to keep children safe and healthy.


Nearly 15% of students in Batticaloa lack basic literacy and numeracy skills

Batticaloa has a shortage of trained primary school teachers, and the workload of existing teachers is too high to adequately attend to children who need extra help. ChildFund donors are helping by providing books, uniforms and supplies to school children, training teachers on improved techniques, and much more.

Student in school in Sri Lanka
Child in Sri LankaChild in Sri Lanka

Create Change for Communities in Sri Lanka

As a community sponsor, you'll help children, their families and their communities to create sustainable change. You'll help provide support to projects that improve education, access to water and healthcare, and that keep children safe from harm. You'll be supporting communities in Sri Lanka to thrive!

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In most countries ChildFund New Zealand supports, we work directly with the country office, who then work with local partners. From head office to grassroots, the teams are in regular contact to ensure we understand the community's needs and can channel your donations to where they're most needed.

During our visits, we also ensure agreed-upon standards are met and policies are followed. We would like to acknowledge the following in-country partners with whom we work most closely in Sri Lanka, while also recognising the crucial importance of the local government bodies in our work.

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Focuses on improving the lives of children in need so they can grow to be young adults who make a positive change to their communities.

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Local organisation in Sri Lanka.

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We believe in creating sustainable change through long-term community programmes focused on achieving self-reliance.

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