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Our work in water and sanitation

Improving access to clean water.

Support our work in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Help improve access to clean water for children and families.

Access to safe water shouldn't be a luxury

For millions of people around the world, having enough water is one of their biggest worries.

ChildFund works in communities where access to water is extremely limited. Women and children often walk far distances to collect water, missing out on other important opportunities, like school. We understand the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene, which is why it's a priority for us at ChildFund.

How your donations help

Water station
Construct new community water infrastructure

When water is far from home, children and women are forced to walk for hours to collect water for their family. Your donations are helping us build water infrastructure – like wells or boreholes – even closer to home, so children can spend their time learning.

Child using water well
Repair of broken and unsafe water infrastructure

By improving water quality, we can prevent many communicable diseases and keep children healthy. Your donations are helping us fix broken water infrastructure and ensure they contain safe drinking water for vulnerable children.

Community being trained
Train families on how to maintain water facilities

One of the best ways to ensure what we do is sustainable, is by training families on how to keep things running smoothly. Your donations help ChildFund establish local water and sanitation committees to keep water safe.

Community being trained
Spread awareness about hygiene and sanitation

Practicing proper handwashing is critical to keeping children healthy as it reduces the spread of germs and diseases. Your donations help us share life-saving information and knowledge about hygiene and sanitation practices

Community being trained
Train families on how to test and treat drinking water

Even when water sources are nearby, they can sometimes contain contaminated water, which is very unsafe for people to drink. Your donations families learn how to test their water quality and treat it prior to consumption.

Community being trained
Construct local hand-washing stations

Having access to soap and running water is important to stop the spread of diseases and germs. Your donations are helping construct hand-washing stations in central places, so community members can stay safe and healthy.

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Where your donations are helping

Imagine a world where every child everywhere had access to clean, safe drinking water. A world where the risk of potentially fatal waterborne diseases was low for children, and their chance of a healthy and bright future was high. ChildFund believes that accessing clean, safe water should be a given for children and that's why working with communities to access clean, safe water, along with better sanitation and hygiene is a focus in the places we work.

Children in Kiribati

Helping communities across the Pacific access clean safe drinking water

Working with communities to access clean, safe drinking water is a focus. Current projects include installing solar power water distillation and purification equipment. Additionally, water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) kits are being distributed to households and training communities on how to test and treat drinking water.

Child in Sri Lanka

Increasing health and hygiene awareness in communities

ChildFund is improving toilet facilities at schools, training teachers on child hygiene and sanitation, conducting household visits to spread awareness about the importance of hygiene and to distribute helpful materials, along with supporting the establishment of community groups to promote good health and hygiene.

Child in Kenya

Creating access to water for communities

Installing waterpoints means children have more time to play and learn. Pipeline extensions from boreholes supply water to households, along with students at a nearby primary and secondary school.

Child using tapChild using tap

Support our work in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Right now, millions of children don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. You can help change this.

Your support today can provide children with improved access to safe water as well as educate children and their communities on good handwashing and hygiene practices to prevent illness.

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