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Our work in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Supporting children and families in Cao Bang since 2009.

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In Cao Bang, Vietnam, we're helping children and their families to thrive

Children and families in Cao Bang, Vietnam, are building a community where children and youth have their basic needs met and where they are protected from all forms of harm and abuse. Thanks to your help, we're on our way to completing all activities and plans for children in Cao Bang, Vietnam.


A remote, hard-to-reach area for children to grow up

ChildFund New Zealand’s focus area in Vietnam is in the mountainous northern province of Cao Bang, and the districts of Tra Linh and Quảng Uyen. Reaching these communities is challenging because of its remoteness. It is critical to improve the lives of these children and their families, who are among the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Vietnam.

Children in class in Vietnam

Achievement Highlights

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8 schools supported with infrastructure and facilities upgrades.

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1,529 families supported through agriculture and livestock projects to improve livelihoods.

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1,687 toilets built for improved sanitation.

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3 new health centers established to improve access to quality healthcare.

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With your generous support, positive change is just the beginning


Canna creates new opportunities for families

In 2020, the canna root plant was introduced to Phu’s village as a new way to generate income. The canna root plant is resilient and requires minimal maintenance. Phu’s first harvest yielded a profit three times the amount he used to earn by farming corn. With his newfound financial stability, Phu has more time to spend with his kids and can provide them with breakfast and take them to school every day.

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father teaching children in preschool

Assisting parents to become volunteers at primary and preschools

The positive impact of the assisting parent model has been felt throughout the project's communes, with children having more opportunities to learn and play and parents becoming more proactive in their children's education. Parents like Ninhn - dad of 3, developed skills in teaching bilingual classes, supporting children's learning and promoting gender equality.


Access to clean, safe water for all

Because of the challenging terrain of the region, access to clean water is limited. In 2016, we worked alongside the community and district authorities to assess the water source, after finding that it was often contaminated, families like Chau’s received large water tanks with purification filters. As the community’s knowledge of safe water storage and sanitation grew, water-related sicknesses reduced.

father and daughter with clean water
Child in VietnamChild in Vietnam

Create change for communities in Vietnam

As a community sponsor, you'll help children, their families and their communities to create sustainable change. You'll help provide support to projects that improve education, access to water and healthcare, and that keep children safe from harm. You'll be supporting communities in Vietnam to thrive!

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In most countries ChildFund New Zealand supports, we work directly with the country office, who then work with local partners. From head office to grassroots, the teams are in regular contact to ensure we understand the community's needs and can channel your donations to where they're most needed.

During our visits, we also ensure agreed-upon standards are met and policies are followed. We would like to acknowledge the following in-country partners with whom we work most closely in Vietnam, while also recognising the crucial importance of the local government bodies in our work.

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ChildFund Vietnam

ChildFund Vietnam is a representative office of Australia. They mainly work in the northern provinces while also implementing nationwide projects.

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