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Self-Reliance unlocked

Trung Khanh Community's journey to self-reliance.

“There have been many positive changes to our communities: we have more stable income sources; living environment has been better and safer for children.”

- Tram, 10 years old

ChildFund started working in Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province in 2009.
In the last 14 years of working alongside the community, we have seen milestone achievements in improving child wellbeing. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

With your generous support:

Child and father

Canna creates new opportunities

In 2020, the canna root plant was introduced to Phu’s village as a new way to generate income. The canna root plant is resilient and requires minimal maintenance. Phu’s first harvest yielded a profit that was 3 times the amount he used to earn by farming corn. With his newfound financial stability, Phu has more time to spend with his kids and can provide them with breakfast and take them to school every day.

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Access to clean, safe water for all

Because of the challenging terrain of Trung Khanh, access to clean water is limited. In 2016, we worked alongside the community and district authorities to assess the water source and after finding that it was often contaminated, families like Chau’s received large water tanks with purification filters. As the community’s knowledge of safe water storage and sanitation grew, water-related sicknesses reduced.

Children in preschool

Breaking down language barriers

Trung Khanh Community is home to a variety of ethnic groups - each with their own language. In 2018, the "Being Confident to Reach Dreams" project kicked off to break down language barriers and support kids with their learning through training up volunteer parents to be teaching assistants. Parents, like Ninhn - dad of 3, developed skills in teaching bilingual classes, supporting children's learning and promoting gender equality.

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Achievement Highlights

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8 schools supported with infrastructure and facilities upgrades.

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1,529 families supported through agriculture and livestock projects to improve livelihoods.

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3 new health centers established to improve access to quality healthcare.

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3 new health centers established to improve access to quality healthcare.

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Just the beginning

What's next for Trung Khanh community?

All these incredible achievements are just the beginning. The community hopes to continue strengthening the Child Protection System and to maintain and promote the effective projects implemented over this period. With new tools and improved systems in play, the community is now well equipped to thrive on.

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