Child in school in Sri LankaChild in school in Sri Lanka

Our work in Quality Education

Opening doors for a brighter future.

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Help unlock every child's future through quality education.

All children have the right to a high-quality education

Right now, there are still millions of children who don't complete a full course of primary school.

In the communities where ChildFund works, education is a top priority. It has the greatest potential to lift a child and their family out of poverty and into a brighter and more prosperous future.

How your donations help

Early childhood centre
Better access to early education for children

Starting from birth and continuing up to age five, Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the most vital development phase of a person's life. Your donations are helping us offer ECD to young children in ChildFund-supported communities.

Child in class
Improving classrooms and school facilities

In some communities, access to education is hindered by unsafe and overcrowded classrooms. Your donations give us the ability to renovate and construct classrooms so even more children and youth can attend school.

Teacher in class
Supporting teachers to deliver quality education

Being a teacher is rewarding. But it also has its challenges – especially in in the communities where ChildFund works where resources are often limited. Your donations help us improve teachers' ability to do the best job they can.

Teacher in class
Providing desks and chairs, learning materials, etc

A barrier to education is access to learning materials like books, pens, uniforms and more. Your donations help ChildFund-supported students access learning materials, and schools to be equipped with adequate furnishings.

Teacher in class
Making it easier for students to return to class

There are many reasons why children and youth leave school and can’t complete their schooling – like living in a conflict zone or because they need to work to support their families. Your donations help us provide opportunities for students to return to class in a safe learning environment.

Teacher in class
More vocational training for parents and young people

In many communities, job opportunities are limited, and new employable skills are hard to come by. Your donations are giving us the ability to offer vocational training for youth and parents in our dedicated programme areas.

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Where your donations are helping

Every child deserves the right to education. Your support goes towards addressing barriers that limit children’s access to learning. Through education, children are given the opportunity to create a brighter future.

Child in Kenya

Providing children with the resources they need to learn

We’re helping educate children in Kenya in all stages of learning. From school supplies to learning centres and food for lunches children are being empowered to thrive.

child in sri lanka at school

Learning from early childhood development through to young adulthood

Education is important at all stages of a child’s life. By improving school infrastructure, providing school supplies and training teachers and volunteers children are setup for success.

pacific skills traning

Giving youth a brighter future with life skills and vocational training

Through youth programmes children and young people are taught foundational, practical and soft skills to give them the best possible chance of employment when they are older.

Child in schoolChild in school

Support our work in Education

Your donation today will go towards unleashing the potential within every child. Your support enables ChildFund to partner with dedicated communities to ensure children are educated, nourished, protected from harm and have a sense of wellbeing.

Stories and Updates

Other focus areas

Learn more about our other Focus Areas of programming that help to transform the lives of children and their communities.

Child washing face with water

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Access to clean water shouldn’t be a luxury. Learn how you can help bring clean, safe water to children and communities.

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mother and child

Child Protection

Discover how we are helping communities to learn about and uphold children’s rights, as well as supporting them to keep children safe and protected.

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child and mother in garden in sri lanka

Health and Nutrition

Discover our commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare and proper nutrition for children and their families.

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