Child in school in Sri LankaChild in school in Sri Lanka

Our work in Quality Education

Opening doors for a brighter future.

All children have the right to a high-quality education

Right now, there are still millions of children who don't complete a full course of primary school.

In the communities where ChildFund works, education is a top priority. It has the greatest potential to lift a child and their family out of poverty and into a brighter and more prosperous future.

How your donations help

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Where your donations are helping

Every child deserves the right to education. Your support goes towards addressing barriers that limit children’s access to learning. Through education, children are given the opportunity to create a brighter future.

Child in schoolChild in school

Support our work in Education

Your donation today will go towards unleashing the potential within every child. Your support enables ChildFund to partner with dedicated communities to ensure children are educated, nourished, protected from harm and have a sense of wellbeing.

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Other focus areas

Learn more about our other Focus Areas of programming that help to transform the lives of children and their communities.

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