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dirty water iS deStroying children'S futureS

Help wash away the injustice caused by dirty water. For good. 

"imagine … carrying 20 litreS of dirty water for hourS on your back, then Serving it to the people you love moSt."

- Rebecca, 14 years old

The injustice of dirty water is destroying children's futures. 

The injuStice of dirty water...

Illness and death

Put simply, dirty water kills. Waterborne diseases are responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 children under 5 every single day in developing countries. 

Lost opportunities

In some remote communities, water sources can be tens of kilometres away. Children have to spend time searching for water when they should be in school, building futures.


Children who spend hours walking over great distances to collect water are extremely vulnerable. To accident and injury, to animal attacks, and sadly, to sexual abuse and exploitation too.

... iS waShed away by your gift.


Your gift will help improve access to clean, safe water through installations of vital water infrastructure like water pumps and boreholes.


You'll help improve and install proper toilet facilities in place of latrines - open air channels dug in the ground. Toilets are vital to keeping kids healthy and well.


Your gift will also help install dedicated hand-washing stations, so communities can safely wash their hands when they need.

everyday, 14-year-old rebecca SpendS 2-3 hourS walking to find water. 

Time She could be Spending on learning and being a kid.

I think about water more than anything else.

Imagine waking up before sunrise every morning and spending hours walking to find a water source, standing in a long queue to access a muddy hole in the ground that everyone in the village and their livestock use.

Carrying 20 litres of dirty water all the way home on your back and then serving it to the people you love most, constantly suffering from stomach pain, diarrhea and sometimes losing children to water-related diseases.

My brother Steven was sick three weeks ago. He was very sick. The little boy had stomach problems, headache, nose bleeding, and I think it was because of the water. 

Help wash away the injustice of dirty water. For good.

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ChildFund and you, the difference iS clear...

The ChildFund approach to unlocking the future for children is different. We listen to children to find out what they need.

We build partnerships with their communities to create road maps to self-reliant futures, and through your wonderful support, we deliver holistic solutions that provide children with everything they need to thrive.

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