Will you help a mum in Ukraine protect her child?

This Mother's Day, she needs your URGENT HELP.

In war, love alone is not enough.

She is fierce. She is smart. She's walked hundreds of kilometres with her baby in her arms, and sung her to sleep to the sound of rockets and gunfire. She's hidden in ditches, dodged roadblocks, and stared down tanks. But she has run out of food and formula for her baby...

Nothing is more powerful than a mother's love. But in war, love alone is not enough.

Give a Mum's Pack to mothers in Ukraine

Give a Mum's Pack to a Ukrainian mother today. You'll provide her with food, baby formula, nappies, medicine, toiletries and more! 

Each Mum's Pack is $30.

81% of Ukrainians fleeing the war are travelling with children... 

For mums like Anastasia and her three-year-old daughter, Erika, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced them to flee from their Odessa home. They're now being hosted in a refugee shelter where ChildFund is helping provide food, shelter, medicine, cash and transport. 

So far 26,000 mums and children have been helped. But the war is far from over...

"I have formula for two more days, then I'm on my own."

"We have one loaf of bread left... it won't last long."

"What will I do? I only have three fresh diapers."

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