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Children in Sri Lanka are struggling from the worst economic crisis in history.

They're going without food and medicine, and many are dropping out of school to try and earn money to support their families. Will you help?

With your support, we will provide the following: 

  • High-quality, nutritious food to fight malnutrition and improve children’s health;
  • Help so children can get back to school;
  • Access to healthcare and life-saving medicine for sick children; and
  • Household and community gardens to build a sustainable future.
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Read Shivani's Story


Since the start of 2022, the Sri Lankan economy has undergone an accelerated meltdown—which has lead to instability across the country—impacting millions.

The local currency is depreciating at an alarming rate and unemployment is affecting the whole country with most industries being disrupted by high inflation rates, shortage of fuel, materials and power cuts.

And, it’s predicted to get even worse.

The price of basic food items like rice, flour, vegetables, milk, meat and fish have increased 90 percent, putting them out of reach for a large percentage of the population.

In 2011, when we started working in Batticaloa, malnutrition rates were the highest in the country. With your support, ChildFund has been able to make great improvements, but this crisis is threatening all that’s been done for children


It's heartbreaking to see these statistics:

Things have become so expensive that children aren’t eating nutritious meals or seeing the doctor for checkups.

Shivani has never experienced being a typical teenager. Or even a normal day. Suffering is just a part of life.

Now at 13, she is facing even bigger struggles ahead – no income, no transport and rapidly deteriorating health. Sri Lanka is Shivani’s home, but her country cannot support her family or community.

At just two years old, Shivani underwent surgery for a heart condition – she has been on medication ever since. Her father used to earn 1500 rupees ($7) a day working in construction but lost his job due Sri Lanka’s declining economy – he cannot support his family.

Surviving on what little money her mother makes from sewing is tough. Shivani and her little sister cannot focus at school. They have no nutritional food, no money for Shivani’s medication or travel for medical appointments – she has not been seen by a doctor in months.

Hope is what she has, support is what she needs.



Provide children with high-quality, nutritious food so they can get back to school.

Improve access to healthcare and life-saving medicine for those children who are in critical conditions.

Support children with transport costs and learning materials to help get them back to school.

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