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Years of drought are taking a toll on kids in Kenya. Donate now to provide urgent support to children facing hunger. 

Hunger is reaching emergency levels right now in Kenya. Children are facing the immediate threat of starvation. 

The situation is so critical, the NZ Government will now generously match your donations to the Kenya Hunger Crisis dollar for dollar.

This means, your gift of $37 for emergency food becomes $74 worth of food for hungry children and families.

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"We go hungry for two to three days because we don't have food."

Three counties in Kenya are on the brink of famine, including Marsabit where little Kabale lives. Most water sources in Marsabit have dried up. Families are walking 10 to 15 kilometres to find water. And even farther to water their livestock.

 Kabale's family, like many others traditionally herd cattle for a living. They depend entirely on their cattle for milk, meat and income. Kabale’s family lost half their cows and goats to starvation. They had to do something to save the rest, so her father moved the herd 100 kilometres away in search of pasture and water. That meant no more milk for Kabale.

“Kabale became malnourished because I wasn’t able to give her enough food to eat,” says her mum, Teso. “We can’t afford to buy food.”

Hungry kids like Kabale simply can’t wait any longer for help to arrive. They could die before it rains again.

The time to act is now.

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Farmers are registering 65% crop failure

900,000+ children under 5 require treatment for acute malnutrition

2.4million livestock deaths have been reported

Most open water sources have dried up

Hunger doesn't just hurt, it robs children of their health and their futures.

Your gift will make a huge difference to Kenyan kids hurting from hunger and families facing drought. You’ll provide urgent, lifesaving support to help children and their families survive this drought. From water to food to emergency cash, you’ll provide exactly what they need right now.

Your donation today will help children, like Kabale, who need it most today.

Your donation will support ChildFund's multifaceted response to this crisis.

Help deliver clean water, essential food items like rice, beans and cooking oil to families in need. As well help schools to provide free lunches to students and support families with emergency cash assistance.

Help health clinics continue to identify and support children and family members who are suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses related to hunger or drinking water. 

Help families build financial resilience with things like drought-resistant crops and solar-powered water pumps.

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