Silence Enables Violence.

What will you do to help end violence against children? 

Children facing violence need our help.

Silence prolongs the life of violence. The families trapped in abusive and dangerous circumstances need our help to safely access the support they need. Our helpline in Papua New Guinea runs 24/7 and is one way we support families experiencing violence in the pacific. Helplines provide a way to discreetly and confidentially speak about experienced or witnessed violence, and to access support services.  

Since 2015, ChildFund staff have played a key part in ensuring that victims of domestic abuse aren't left to suffer in silence. Our helpline in Papua New Guinea is one such project and has literally changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. We know that initiatives like this are essential in getting victims out of violent situations. 

Help end violence against children in the pacific

Please donate $10 now to help end the violence 

Childhood suffering lasts longer than childhood. 

Children who experience abuse of some form during their childhood have shown reduced capacity as adults in areas of visual memory, executive functioning and spatial working memory (which helps children with letter/number recognition, reading, writing, and maths). The impact on brain development is clearly shown to the right in the CT scan of a normal healthy three-year-old with an average head size (left) and that of a three-year-old who has suffered severe neglect (right).  

Our silence robs our future generations of the nurturing and love that they need for their natural biological development. 

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