Child and goat in kenyaChild and goat in kenya

Our work in Family Livelihoods

Supporting sustainable income generation.

Support our work in Family Livelihoods

Help improve sustainable income generation for families.

In many of the communities where ChildFund works, agriculture is the main source of income for families.

However, it's getting more difficult to be a farmer these days.

ChildFund is helping families by offering training in new farming techniques, distribution of alternate seeds and livestock, as well as business skills and new markets opportunities.

How your donations help

Person picking bananas
Training farmers on alternative techniques

Your donations are helping rural farmers in our dedicated communities learn about new techniques and alternative farming crops.

Child holding goat
Providing livestock for children and families

One of the best ways to boost household income is through the provision of livestock, like sheep, goats, chickens, and cows. Your donations help provide families with livestock and training on how to sustainably produce eggs and milk.

Person in the garden
Improving irrigation for crops in our communities

In some of the communities where ChildFund works, access to water is an issue that leaves many crops unable to thrive. Your donations allow us to build irrigation systems in our communities to keep crops growing well.

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Establishment of Savings and Loans programmes

In rural communities, access to loans for new businesses and other expenses can be quite a challenge. Your donations allow ChildFund to establish Savings and Loans programmes, empowering community members to save.

women weaving baskets
Creating alternate income sources for families

Sometimes, new business opportunities are right in front of your eyes, but you just don't know it. Your donations help us identify new business opportunities for community members, and train them on how to access new, profitable markets.

women selling tomatoes
Distributing small-scale loans for new businesses

One of the most challenging parts about starting a new business is accessing capital to purchase inventory and get the word out. Your donations help us provide small-scale loans for community members who are ready to start a new business.

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Where your donations are helping

Improving livelihoods is crucial for empowering a community to achieve self-sufficiency. Your support enables families and communities to engage in income-generating projects and training programs, providing them with the opportunity to secure a brighter future for their children and communities.

Child in Kenya

Combining farming techniques with alternative sources of income

As the climate has such a large impact on livestock, agriculture plans are in place to improve the irrigation for crops and training for improved farming techniques. Diversifying income sources is also taught through business training for selling handmade products.

Child in Zambia

Overcoming hunger and poverty

Agriculture is the main source of income for families in Zambia. To help overcome hunger and poverty there is a focus on training and education to help create sustainable agricultural livelihoods.

Child in Vietnam

Importance of livestock and food security

Food security and income is a challenge for communities in Vietnam. By distributing livestock and improving farming systems, families can not only provide for themselves and children but also make a living by selling their produce.

child holding chickenchild holding chicken

Support our work in Family Livelihoods

Many families in our dedicated communities are dependent on agriculture as the main source of income.

Your support helps ChildFund offer training in new farming techniques, distribution of alternate seeds and livestock, as well as business skills and new markets opportunities.

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