Child and mother in KenyaChild and mother in Kenya

Our work in Emergencies

Responding to emergencies and crises.

Help respond to emergencies

Be there to support children and families when crisis strikes.

There when disaster strikes

ChildFund works with partners around the world to respond to the immediate and medium-term needs of children and their families in affected areas.

From conflict and droughts to the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes ChildFund works in some of the world’s vulnerable communities.

How your donations help

Mother in
Prepare disaster risk plans

ChildFund works with communities to help prepare disaster risk plans in-case of an emergency.

mother and child in kiribati
Conduct rapid needs assessments

When a disaster has occurred, ChildFund works with partners on the ground to conduct rapid needs assessments within the first 24-hours.

Child in kenya
Create reports and recovery plans

Help conduct situation reports and create disaster recovery plans for the affected community.

Child in kenya
Supply food and water

Supply life-saving food and water for vulnerable babies, children, and families.

Child in kenya
Continue education

Establish temporary learning areas for children to maintain education.

Child in kenya
Distribute emergency supplies

Help distribute emergency supplies and kits, such as torches and hygiene kits.

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Our current Emergency Response work

ChildFund works in some of the world's most fragile communities, where factors such as conflict, political instability, violence, and climate change can significantly disrupt the daily routines of countless children, young people, and their families.

Child in Ukraine

Help children in Ukraine

Our focus is on ensuring children and families have access to basic needs like food, water and medicine, and providing psychosocial and educational support to keep children occupied during this devastating time.

Girl in Gaza

Humanitarian Emergency Appeal

The world is facing an unprecedented number of humanitarian emergencies resulting from natural disasters and war. Help provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to children and families in Gaza, Afghanistan, Morocco and Libya.

Emergency response in UkraineEmergency response in Ukraine

Support our work in Emergency Response

You can be there to support children and youth when a crisis strikes. From conflict and droughts to the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, your support today means ChildFund can respond to the immediate and medium-term needs of children and families around the world and help communities prepare for disasters and emergency in advance.

Stories and Updates

Other focus areas

Learn more about our other Focus Areas of programming that help to transform the lives of children and their communities.

Child in Sri Lanka

Quality Education

We believe that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for children in need. Explore how education projects are nurturing young minds.

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Child and goat in Kenya

Family Livelihoods

Discover our work around improving family livelihoods through income-generating projects and training programs.

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child and mother in garden in Sri Lanka

Health and Nutrition

Discover our commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare and proper nutrition for children and their families.

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