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Water Run

Help bring safe, clean drinking water to children in the Pacific.

1km race, 2 buckets of water, 6 Celebrities, 1 Goal

On 21st February - Te Komititanga Square, outside Commercial Bay,
Hilary, Dave, Josie, Maz, Shavaughn and Efeso completed the ChildFund Water Run to raise awareness and money to bring safe, clean drinking water to children in the Pacific. They raced each other around a short track carrying 2 filled-to-the-brim buckets of water. And because every drop of water is precious the ultimate winner was the person with the most water in their buckets – Maz was the winner on the day!

Every drop counts!

Just as every drop of water is precious, so is your support! Every dollar makes a difference in bringing safe, clean water to children in the Pacific.

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$60 for handwashing kits

Something as simple as good hand-washing habits can save lives. $60 will provide 4 families with soap and face cloths to help keep them healthy.

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$150 for solar panels for water pumps

Every solar panel has a lasting impact by enabling clean safe water to be pumped to village communities, reducing the incidence of becoming sick or even dying from unsafe water.

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$250 for a 10L water purification unit

Gift a family safe drinking water everyday. The Solvatten Unit uses solar energy to purify water in just a few hours and can provide a family with 6,000 litres of safe water a year.

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$350 to help collect rainwater

Help build infrastructure like roofs and guttering to capture precious rainwater at schools and community centres. Every single drop of water is precious.

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$500 for a solar pump

Help provide a long-term water solution by upgrading defunct and polluting diesel pumps to sustainable solar powered pumps, to transport water from natural springs to 15 villages.

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$1000 to help complete a toilet block build

You can help complete the construction of the toilet block to provide much needed sanitary facilities at a local school in the Solomon Islands.

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Efeso Collins

Our beautiful friend, Efeso

Efeso joined the ChildFund Water Run because he's driven to support the Pacific and because he believed in the cause.

Before the race we spoke about how hard it is to put yourself and family first when you commit to a life of service.

Now he is gone suddenly. And our hearts are breaking for his wife Fia, his two girls, and his family.

Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific have lost a leader who found his strength in the community, who would've continued to make our region, and world, a better place.

In life and in rest, you bring us together, Efeso.

Amuia le masina e alu ma toe sau. Blessed is the moon, for it shall return.

Support your ChildFund Water Run champion!

Hilary Barry is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Hilary Barry

"I'm excited to support the ChildFund Water Run. While it'll be a fun event, it's a fantastic way to draw attention to the huge need for fresh water in the Pacific Islands. I'd love you to support the work of ChildFund if you can because every child deserves to have access to clean drinking water."

Dave Letele is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Dave Letele

"We all deserve an equal starting point in life, but the reality is kids are born into disadvantage - for a number of reasons. Here and around the world. Access to safe, clean water is an absolute must and all kids around the world deserve that. I'm proud to take part in this event to help ensure that can happen. And, it sounds like fun. Let's do this. No excuses!"

Maz Fagaiava is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Maz Fagaiava

"The Pacific is my home, my tūrangawaewae. Currently it's monsoon season back home, getting in the way of access to safe drinking water. I'm choosing to run so ChildFund can restore purified water to more boys and girls across the Pacific. They're our future leaders!"

Shavaughn Ruakere is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Shavaughn Ruakere

“Growing up in Aotearoa I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have access to clean, safe water. It’s been an easy thing to take for granted. Not every kid’s so lucky though. I’m joining the ChildFund Water Run so that more tamariki across the world who need clean, safe water get it. Ka pai to that!"

Efeso Collins is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Efeso Collins

“As a dad to two young beautiful girls, I want them and children all over the world to grow up and reach their full potential and live full lives. The ChildFund Water Run gives us all a fun and important opportunity to share what we have with others. The "Rapid Racer" welcomes your full support by donating generously to this beautiful cause.”

ChildFund CEO, Josie Pagani is doing the ChildFund Water Run

Josie Pagani

"Kiwis love to go on holiday to the Pacific, and make the most of the beautiful beaches. But behind the picture postcard view too many children still go without clean water. The Pacific is our extended family. Our ChildFund partners in Kiribati and Solomon Islands are doing amazing work to get clean water to all the children in their community. Let's race to support them!

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Water is life, yet it is not easily accessed by all

Access to clean, safe water is a basic human right, but right now many children across the Pacific are still getting sick and dying due to waterborne diseases from drinking and using unsafe and dirty water.

Today, women and children walk long distances daily to collect water which must be boiled before it is safe to drink – tasks that often fall on the shoulders of children at the expense of their education.

ChildFund New Zealand works with local partners and communities in Kiribati and the Solomon Islands to implement water projects to improve access to clean safe drinking water.

You can support the work we’re doing in the Pacific by supporting the ChildFund Water Run. Not only will you help bring safe clean drinking water to the children of the Pacific, you'll help give children the chance to learn and play, just like children should.

Kiribati and Solomon Islands

Mother and children in Kiribati

When safe water is a daily struggle

For families like Aata and Teieka's, the pursuit of fresh, safe water is a daily struggle. The limited access to clean, safe water takes a devastating toll, resulting in sickness and even death among the children in the community. Kiribati bears the heavy burden of the Pacific's highest child mortality rate, with the lack of access to safe drinking water contributing to deaths in children under five years.

Children collecting water at spring in Solomon Islands

The challenging search for water

Children in the Solomon Islands are full of energy and life. But the reality of walking for almost two hours a day in search of clean, safe drinking water is taking their chance to learn and play away.

Donate now to help bring clean water to children and families

Every dollar makes a difference in bringing safe, clean water to children in the Pacific.

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