Mother and child in senegalMother and child in senegal

Our work in Child Protection

Keeping children safe and protected.

All children should grow up free from violence and exploitation

Yet there are one billion children around the world who are victims of violence.

For the one billion children who experience violence and exploitation, our child protection work is critical. As members of the ChildFund Alliance we work to ensure that global goals to end violence are translated into concrete, concerted and definitive actions in the communities where we work.

How your donations help

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Where your donations are helping

ChildFund understands the importance of equipping children, their families and communities with basic life skills to protect themselves. Helping children to be more confident and able to respond to dangers and risks is highly important. Effective child protection systems and early intervention strategies are important to ensure the prevention of violence against children.

Child and parent in KiribatiChild and parent in Kiribati

Support our work in Child Protection

All children should grow up free from violence and exploitation. Your support today goes towards projects and programmes focused on keeping children safe and working with communities to build and strengthen systems to ensure all children can grow up free from violence and exploitation.

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Other focus areas

Learn more about our other Focus Areas of programming that help to transform the lives of children and their communities.

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