Mother and child in senegalMother and child in senegal

Our work in Child Protection

Keeping children safe and protected.

Support our work in Child Protection

Help keep children safe and protected.

All children should grow up free from violence and exploitation

Yet there are one billion children around the world who are victims of violence.

For the one billion children who experience violence and exploitation, our child protection work is critical. As members of the ChildFund Alliance we work to ensure that global goals to end violence are translated into concrete, concerted and definitive actions in the communities where we work.

How your donations help

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Helping children become aware of their rights

ChildFund's work is centered on the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child. Your donations help us share these essential rights with children, so they can hold their caregivers accountable to them.

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Giving adults alternative parenting techniques

In many of the communities where ChildFund works, violent discipline is common. Your donations help us to provide local parents with positive parenting techniques so children can grow up safe at home.

Counselling service
Counselling and referrals for victims of violence

When domestic violence is high, vulnerable people and victims of abuse don't have many places to turn to. Your donations are helping us provide free telephone counselling for thousands of victims of abuse.

safe space for children
Safe spaces for children during emergencies

When disaster strikes, vulnerable children are the most at risk. Your donations help us create child-friendly spaces during emergencies, offering psychosocial support and a renewed sense of normalcy.

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Giving children the chance to participate

Children don't often have many opportunities to take part in activities that better their futures. Your donations help ChildFund to offer unique programmes that get children involved and participating.

Educating children and youth about online safety

Regardless of where a young person lives, keeping safe online is an extremely important thing to learn. Your donations help us protect children and youth by sharing valuable tips and lessons on keeping safe online.

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Where your donations are helping

ChildFund understands the importance of equipping children, their families and communities with basic life skills to protect themselves. Helping children to be more confident and able to respond to dangers and risks is highly important. Effective child protection systems and early intervention strategies are important to ensure the prevention of violence against children.

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Ending violence against children

Through local partnerships, support is provided to communities through focusing on social and emotional wellbeing. Parents are supported to increase their parenting skills along with increasing awareness on the reporting of child abuse against children.

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Empowering children and their communities

With the help of local partners, training is provided to a variety of members in the communities, these training sessions cover injury prevention and child rights. Children need to be empowered to raise their voice and participate in their homes and communities.

Child in Zambia

Helping vulnerable children thrive

Working alongside a community-based agency, local communities learn to discuss child protection issues and are trained on help vulnerable children. Communities are being empowered and provided with the skills to play an active role in their own development efforts.

Child and parent in KiribatiChild and parent in Kiribati

Support our work in Child Protection

All children should grow up free from violence and exploitation. Your support today goes towards projects and programmes focused on keeping children safe and working with communities to build and strengthen systems to ensure all children can grow up free from violence and exploitation.

Stories and Updates

Other focus areas

Learn more about our other Focus Areas of programming that help to transform the lives of children and their communities.

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Quality Education

We believe that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for children in need. Explore our initiatives that highlight our commitment to nurturing young minds.

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Family Livelihoods

Discover our work around improving family livelihoods through income-generating projects and training programs.

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Health and Nutrition

Discover our commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare and proper nutrition for children and their families.

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