Simple Solar Solution Supports Family Health

Tiumeta (30) is a mother of three beautiful girls and soon to be a mother of a fourth, she was born and raised on the island of Tarawa. Tiumeta is one of the mothers-to-be to receive a solar water distillation unit along with training. A Solvatten unit is a system that can boil water using the heat from the sun.

Tiumeta and her family live in Betio, the most crowded town on south Tarawa, where there are around 15,000 inhabitants per square kilometre. To put it into perspective, that's 2.5 times the population density of Tokyo.

Living in Betio has been a great challenge to Tiumeta, especially in getting fresh drinking water for her children, as well as earning money. As a mother, Tiuneta has a huge responsibility for her family which is giving support to her husband and her children by providing them with nutritious food, clean drinking water, washing their clothes and more.

“Since I do not have a job, I spend most of my time doing the housework in my major role as a housewife” she says.

Since Tiumeta and her family depend on PUB (water from the Public Utilities Board – it's water from a pipe system that the community have to pay for to access) water for drinking, it is not safe for them to drink unboiled water as it has caused diarrhea to her children. So Tiumeta, boils her children’s drinking water every day. This is also an issue as it is expensive to use a kerosene stove every day to boil their drinking water.

“Sometimes when we did not have money to buy our kerosene for boiling our children’s drinking water, we went to the nearest church and fetched our children’s drinking water from the rainwater tank, and just let them drink it without boiling it,” explains Tiumeta .

This has become a concern to Tiumeta since her children are young and it’s not safe for them to drink unpurified drinking water.

She is thankful to be invited to participate in ChildFund’s training on how to use Solvatten units, and to receive a Solvatten unit too.

“I have been using this unit to boil my children’s drinking water, making tea, even cooking our noodles with it, and boiling our children’s bathwater. I find that this unit has helped us to save our money. Instead of purchasing kerosene or butane gas to boil our drinking water, I can just use this unit when it’s sunny to boil our water. It also saves our time as I can just leave this unit under the sun to do its work and I can do other things,” she says.

You can support the work we’re doing in the Pacific by supporting the ChildFund Water Run. Not only will you help bring safe clean drinking water to the children and families in the Pacific, you'll help give children the chance to learn and play, just like children should.