Farmers in Vietnam have something new to smile about, with the support of MFAT

Farmers in Vietnam have something new to smile about, with the support of MFAT

ChildFund has been working in Cao Bang, Vietnam, since 1995, helping children and their families become self-reliant. In this mountainous region of Vietnam, climate change has had a huge impact, and it's not very easy for people to farm or grow crops.

But, thanks to the support of the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), new income generating activities are being introduced to help communities have increased resilience to climate risks. As part of our five-year IMPACT programme, three ethnic minority groups across 12 villages of Cao Bang, Vietnam, will benefit from improved and diversified farming practices, the development of collaborative farmer groups and through training on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, gender awareness, child protection, and by supporting women's economic empowerment. 

In the following video, you'll meet one of the local farmers in Cao Bang, who recently improved her farming practices with the introduction of buffalo to improve income.

We are getting close to graduating from our work in Cao Bang, Vietnam. By 2023, children and families will be living in a community where they have their needs met and where they are protected from all forms of harm and abuse. But, we need your help, now more than ever, to complete all of the activities and plans for children in Cao Bang, Vietnam. 

For just over $1/day, you will help Cao Bang reach its goal of self-reliance by 2023. Through our Road Map approach, your monthly support helps children and families in Cao Bang to achieve their long-term goals. 

Contact us today to become a community sponsor in Cao Bang, and help us graduate by 2023! 

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