Meet Rachel Levine, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Manager


Meet Rachel Levine, ChildFund's new monitoring, evaluation, research and learning manager. We ask Rachel about her experience and why working towards ChildFund's purpose of helping children and young people to thrive is important to her.

ChildFund (CF): Rachel, why do you want to help children and young people?

Rachel Levine (RL): Because everyone deserves a positive start in life.

CF: Tell us a bit about the skills and experience you bring to ChildFund and to the children we serve?

RL: I have been working in the international development sector for the past 12 years, with a focus on supporting rural communities in the Asia Pacific region. I worked at Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, overseeing programmes with small scale producer organisations in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

I am a logic and details person, so I love the process of identifying where there is a need in a community, designing an approach to address it, and then using data and stories to inform our decisions about how to make long-lasting impact.

CF: What does working at ChildFund bring to you?

RL: I love being a part of the passionate and committed ChildFund team in New Zealand, the Pacific and beyond, who cares deeply about supporting children and young people to thrive. I believe in ChildFund’s community-centred approach, which focuses on strengthening communities so that they are able to protect and empower their children and young people. It’s a joy to play a part in this work.

CF: Lastly Rachel, what are your hobbies? 

RL: I love cooking, farmers markets, and going on adventures with my partner and two young children.