Meet Patricia Asare-Kerr, Business Office Manager


We asked Patricia, our Business Office Manager about her experience and why working towards ChildFund's purpose of helping children and young people to thrive is important to her.

ChildFund (CF): Patricia, why do you want to help children?

Patricia Asare-Kerr (PAK): Living in Ghana, my parents worked for an NGO that provided a caring and safe home for less fortunate children. During my school holidays, I was lucky to join my parents at work and got to hang out with the children. After seeing my parents and their Team bring joy, happiness and hope to the children, I knew I one day wanted to be part of creating better outcomes for less fortunate children.

CF: Tell us a bit about the skills and experience you bring to ChildFund?

PAK: I did my master’s in international relations with the hope of working with vulnerable children and youth in war zones. After taking a different path after university to work as an Office Manager in various industries in Poland, the UK and in New Zealand, I believe my organisational and multi-tasking skills will be a great asset to ChildFund. I am keen to support the Team in every way possible to enable the children and youth in the communities we work with to thrive.

CF: What does working for ChildFund bring to you?

PAK: Knowing that I am part of a Team working towards better outcomes for less fortunate children and youth gives me great joy.

CF: What are your hobbies?

PAK: Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking our dog Wilfred as well as exercising.