Inaugural ChildFund Water Run brings stars together to support the Pacific

Media release. Inaugural ChildFund Water Run brings stars together to support the Pacific

Access to clean water is a critical challenge across many parts of the Pacific.

The inaugural ChildFund Water Run will shine a light on clean water projects being undertaken by ChildFund and its community partners across the Pacific, by bringing together well-known faces in TV, media, politics, and community for a fun water race.

The event will raise funds to support local communities, particularly in Kiribati and Solomon Islands where access to clean water is a daily struggle and getting worse through the effects of climate change.

With an inspiring lineup of participants, the event will be MC’d by former TVNZ Breakfast host and radio personality Matty McLean.

Where: Commercial Bay (Te Komititanga Square), lower Queen St, Auckland
When: Wednesday 21 February 2024
Time: 8am-9am
What: Run 1km around Commercial Bay while carrying two filled-to-the-brim buckets of water. The winner is the person who spills the least water.

Race participants:

  • Hilary Barry: TVNZ Presenter and ChildFund Ambassador.
  • Dave Letele: Life Coach and founder of the BBM Programme.
  • Shavaughn Ruakere: Actor and celebrity with a passion for social causes.
  • Efeso Collins: Green Party MP and community leader.
  • Mariner Fagaiava (aka Maz): Award winning Journalist and broadcaster Host of Drive on Flava.
  • Josie Pagani: CEO of ChildFund, Political commentator and advocate for humanitarian cause

The ChildFund Water Run participants will be drumming up support and encouraging their communities to get behind the cause. There will be multiple ways for people to donate, both online and at the event on 21 February.

“Access to water is a human right for all. However, some children in the Solomon Islands have limited or no access to water at all, particularly those living in small outer islands in Temotu, Malaita and some islands in Western Province. Even in some bigger islands water is there but not readily accessible for children”, says Hika Joseph, ChildFund NZ Country Representative in Solomon Islands.

ChildFund's Work in Solomon Islands - Temotu Province
There’s no shortage of clean water from natural springs, the challenge is getting it to the villages. ChildFund is working with local NGO Greenergy Pacific and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to reinstate a defunct (diesel powered) water pipe and pump system by installing solar-powered pumps and new pipes. This will provide water to 3,000 people in 15 communities as well as the local school and medical clinic.

ChildFund's Work in Kiribati
Kiribati faces a severe water crisis due to a combination of a prolonged drought and a lack of clean water sources. ChildFund is working with local communities to:

  • Provide families with water units that use solar energy to purify and heat water in just a few
  • Install solar powered water distillation tanks at pre-schools, schools and community centres across the islands and atolls that make up Kiribati.
  • Build rainwater harvesting infrastructure (roofs, gutters) to capture precious albeit infrequent rain.

“The key to ChildFund’s success is our local partners. We work with some of the most amazing people who know how to make sure these projects deliver clean water to the children in their communities.

Every dollar raised helps expand projects that improve access to clean water even further,” said Josie Pagani, CEO of ChildFund New Zealand.