2023 Annual Impact Report

Thrive 2023 Impact Report

ChildFund New Zealand is excited to share the achievements and challenges outlined in its 2023 Thrive Impact Report, marking the 85th anniversary of ChildFund Alliance. For over eight decades, ChildFund has dedicated itself to empowering vulnerable communities worldwide, ensuring children and young people have the resources and support needed to thrive.

Sustainable Programs and Milestones:

Through partnerships with local organizations, ChildFund's goal is to develop sustainable programs focused on self-reliance. A notable success this year is the Trung Khanh community in Vietnam, celebrating their achievement of self-reliance after a 14-year partnership.

Addressing Global Challenges:

ChildFund faced challenges this year, notably the ongoing impact of climate change. Flooding in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, affected vulnerable and displaced families, while rising sea levels in the Pacific and worsening drought in Kenya caused widespread livelihood losses. ChildFund responded with innovative climate adaptation measures, including drought-resistant crops, nutrition programs, and solar-powered water systems.

Global Reach and Emergency Response:

ChildFund has continued to strengthen and expand its programs globally, providing clean and safe drinking water, constructing education and health centers, developing climate adaptation plans, and supporting gender-based violence prevention. Additionally, the organization responded to humanitarian emergencies resulting from earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, flooding in Cox’s Bazaar, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Adapting to Change:

ChildFund New Zealand adapts its strategy to reflect global and economic conditions. The organization is on a Te Ao Māori journey, demonstrating deep respect for tangata whenua and an understanding of how to honor Te Tiriti. This journey enhances the organization's ability to comprehend the perspectives of indigenous communities in their overseas programs.

Acknowledging Support:

ChildFund acknowledges the invaluable support of thousands of generous Kiwis and funding from the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This support enables ChildFund to deliver development programs that prioritize the perspectives of children and youth, creating an environment where they can grow, develop, and thrive, free from violence and exploitation.

As ChildFund New Zealand continues its journey, the 2023 Thrive Impact Report is a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to creating positive and sustainable change in the lives of children and communities around the world.