13-year-old Shivani and her sister need help.

Sri Lanka Crisis Appeal

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Children like Shivani and her sister are going without food and medicine, and many are dropping out of school to help support their families. The price of basic food items like rice, flour, vegetables, milk, and fish have increased by 90%, putting them out of reach for families like Shivani's.

13-year-old Shivani can't focus at school because she is hungry, But this isn’t her biggest worry. Shivani has a heart defect but her family cannot support her anymore.

At just two years old, Shivani underwent surgery for a heart condition and she's been on medication ever since. Her father lost his job due to Sri Lanka’s declining economy and sadly, she’s received no medical treatment for months. Shivani’s heart condition is worsening – rapidly.  

A chance at life is what your donation gives Shivani. Your support means medical treatment and support is now possible. 

With your generous donation we will provide vulnerable children and families with:

  • Nutritious food, to fight malnutrition and improve children’s health.
  • Help so children can get back to school.
  • Access to life-saving medicine for sick children like Shivani. 
  • Household and community gardens to promote and support self-sufficiency.

A donation today, will be life-saving for a child in Sri Lanka. We need to act now, children like Shivani can't wait much longer.