We Love Moringa!

The Amazing 'Miracle Tree'

Do you love Moringa?

Moringa is changing lives for children and families in need!

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An ambitious goal...

We have a goal of planting 50,000 moringa trees in the next year.

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To help us get to our goal of 50,000 moringa trees, we're offering a special discounted price. Donate moringa trees today and get 15% off your donation.

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Some Reasons to Love Moringa:

It grows well in drought.

Moringa is a drought-tolerant tree that grows even in poor soils and has leaves, bark, seeds and roots that are all either usable as a highly nutritious food or health and skin treatments. 

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It's highly nutritious.

Moringa is high in vitamin C and has vitamins A, B, D and E along with minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium.

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It helps build income!

Through our Agriculture, Dairy and Economic Development project in Kenya, rural farmers are growing their income by planting Moringa trees. We're expanding this project next year!

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