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We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to helping children.

Every one of our donors is unique. That's why we've created a variety of ways to help children through ChildFund New Zealand. There are monthly giving options for all interests and budgets.

Whether you choose to invest in our Future Fund, become a Child or Community Sponsor, or sign up as a Change Creator, you get to choose how you want to help children and youth to thrive.

Why monthly giving?

We believe in sustainability. Our monthly donors help us create long-term change.

Our unique approach

Sponsor a Child

Build a meaningful connection with a child in need.

For less than $2/day, you can help a child, their family and their entire community to thrive. Watch as your sponsored child grows up healthy, happy and able to achieve their dreams.

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More ways to help children and youth to thrive:

Become a Change Creator

For $125/month, Change Creators are a special group of donors who want to accelerate impact for children through community projects

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Sponsor a Community

For just $35/month you'll be helping children and families in one of our priority areas. Choose a community and help children to thrive!

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Invest in our Future Fund

One of the best ways you can invest $5/month is through our Future Fund, which helps us find new ways to help children far into the future.

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Join Child Essentials

Help provide basic needs for children and youth.

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