ChildFund Guardians

A new way for like-minded supporters to do more

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and an array of other negative impacts of climate change, inflation and lack of resources, it has been estimated that between 80 and 100 million more children have fallen further into poverty.

ChildFund Guardians is about applying the extra effort required to get our world back on track to achieving the United Nations' goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.

Childfund Guardians is a membership group and a new initiative from Childfund New Zealand. 

Through multi-year philanthropic pledges, the members significantly raise the capacity of our expert development teams to address the otherwise unmet needs of children caught in developing world poverty. Plus the membership are able to become more deeply involved in how their donations can make the optimum impact. 

We have work to do and Childfund Guardians is an important and powerful new way of helping us do it.

Find out more with a conversation

You will have questions and we have Malcolm Sproull on standby to answer them. When you call him (or email him), he will be delighted to answer any query you have.

Malcolm Sproull
Head of Supporter Relations
+64 21 777 672

The coalition of the willing

ChildFund Guardians is built around ensuring members can closely track how their donations are making a life-improving impact. The Childfund Guardian’s dedicated internal representative will provide members with individual;
• A quarterly email progress update from your chosen areas of interest
• Quick updates by your preferred method (email, text message, or other platform)
• Always available access to the phone of our ChildFund Guardians manager
• A ChildFund Guardians Annual Report sent directly to you. This will also feature in ChildFund’s Annual Report
• Opportunities to meet our experts from the field through ChildFund Guardians mini-events

In the hands of our development experts, your pledge will scale up...

Emergency Preparedness

ChildFund bolsters our local partners' capacity to respond when emergencies arise.

Health and Nutrition

Ensuring long-term health for children through creating access to healthcare.

Family Livelihoods

ChildFund helps create and maintain secure livelihoods. 


Education can not only save lives, it can transport a child out of poverty and into a brighter and more prosperous future.

Access to Clean Water

ChildFund works in communities where access to clean water is severely limited. 

Child Protection

We aim to ensure children are free from all forms of violence and exploitation.

Your next step

Contact Malcolm today.

Malcolm Sproull
Head of Supporter Relations
+64 21 777 672