ChildFund Alliance

12 organisations working together for children

We are a member of the ChildFund Alliance, a global network of 12 child-focused development organisations.

Together, we work to end violence and exploitation against children and to overcome poverty and the underlying conditions that prevent children from achieving their full potential. We work in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting change, and the participation of children is a key component of our approach.

Our vision: A world in which all children enjoy their rights and achieve their full potential.

Our mission: Together with children, we create sustainable solutions that protect and advance their rights and well-being.

How we work: Each member organisation promotes child sponsorship as a comprehensive and meaningful approach to child development. ChildFund Alliance members create sustainable child-focused, community-based development programs in areas where children are impacted by war, natural disaster, poverty and global health issues such as HIV/AIDS. Programmes address education, health, nutrition, micro-enterprise and economic development, and emergency response and psycho-social interventions. ChildFund works in partnership with local communities. The participation of children themselves is a key component of our approach.

Our history: In 2002, a group of child-centered international development organisations joined together under the banner of the ChildFund Alliance to become a global force for children. The Alliance creates opportunities for joint initiatives serving children and families in need. It improves the effectiveness of programs for children, increases efficiency and extends the reach and influence of the members by enhancing their individual and collective strengths. The Alliance builds on more than 75 years of its members’ experience in working to improve the lives of children, families and communities. In 2020, we welcomed the Italian based NGO We World into the Alliance.

Global advocacy

Keeping children free from violence

ChildFund has built a strong global reputation for keeping children safe. Through our efforts, a new target to end violence against children was included in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, a global plan to drive positive change in the world's poorest communities.

Our global results:

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