Every child

deserves a childhood.

Together we can make sure that they can grow and learn.
That their families and communities can thrive too.

Shivani has never experienced being a typical teenager. Or even a normal day. Suffering is just a part of life. Now at 13, she is facing even bigger struggles ahead – no income, no transport and rapidly deteriorating health. Sri Lanka is Shivani’s home, but her country cannot support her family or community.

At just two years old, Shivani underwent surgery for a heart condition – she has been on medication ever since. Her father used to earn 1500 rupees ($7) a day working in construction but lost his job due Sri Lanka’s declining economy – he cannot support his family.

Surviving on what little money her mother makes from sewing is tough. Shivani and her little sister cannot focus at school. They have no nutritional food, no money for Shivani’s medication or travel for medical appointments – she has not been seen by a doctor in months. Hope is what she has, support is what she needs.

ChildFund NZ are changemakers in the lives of young people like Shivani, their families and communities across the globe. The support we deliver through partnerships with local organisations is the difference between survive and thrive.

 Raising communities to sustain and empower themselves is our focus. For over three decades we’ve provided support to the Pacific, Timor-Leste, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Vietnam, establishing programmes and nurturing relationships with their communities. Through targeted initiatives – healthcare, building and construction, education and wellbeing resources – we’ve transformed lives and brightened futures.

Help shouldn’t be a life luxury. Our support reaches where it is needed most. Through our partnerships and donations, we can build health clinics for women and children in Zambia, restore broken water wells in Sri Lanka, develop emergency and risk management plans for villages in the Pacific, and connect with families to educate and improve child safety.

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