Help children in Ukraine

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Children Need Your Help After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

What would you do if your home was no longer safe? If you woke up to military tanks invading your streets?

I’m sure you’ve seen the images on the news… children and families rushing to get out of Ukraine. Bombs falling from the sky… Innocent lives lost in the fighting. Their world being turned upside down, all in a flash! 

With your support, we have been creating a world where children have a safe place to play, learn and grow, free from violence and exploitation. Sadly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put millions of children at risk, leaving families terrified and wondering what tomorrow may bring.  

Pain. Fear. Hunger.  

So far, more than 2.5 million Ukrainians have fled their country. But there are millions still stranded across the country, desperate for support. With a massive shortage of food, medicine and fuel, things continue to get worse for children and families.  

In Eastern Ukraine, this is all happening while heavy snow falls and temperatures dip well below freezing. There’s no electricity, no heating, little food and little water supply. 

ChildFund is on the ground in Ukraine 

For nearly 20 years we’ve been working in communities across Ukraine, providing support for vulnerable children and youth. Now, more than ever, ChildFund is needed to provide immediate support for victims and refugees.  

Our focus is on ensuring children and families have access to basic needs like food, water and medicine, and providing psychosocial and educational support to keep children occupied during this devastating time.  

There's a lot to do, and together with you, we can help those in need.  Please donate to help children in Ukraine today.