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Farming and Livestock Bundle

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ChildFund aims to build household sustainability in the communities where we work.

As the saying goes, 'give someone a fish, they'll eat for a day; teach someone to fish, they'll eat forever.' At ChildFund, we know that the only way we will truly be successful is by enabling the communities where we work to become self-reliant. That means, no longer needing us to maintain their own development. 

One of the best ways we can help households become self-reliant is through livelihood projects where families can build their own businesses and earn a decent income. ChildFund supporters have been helping us do this by donating towards goats, cows, chickens and vocational training activities. 

And, thanks to our partnership with AA Smartfuel, when you give to ChildFund you also get something back! For every $100 donated, you'll receive 10 cents of AA Smartfuel discounts, up to 50 litres! That means, your $300 donation will give you 30c/litre of savings, and an amazing donation of $1,000 will give you $1/litre of fuel discounts.

What will my donations do? 

With your generous support, ChildFund will be able to: 
  • Help families start their own businesses by providing small-business loans.
  • Train local entrepreneurs on financial literacy and basic business skills.
  • Enroll youth and other community members in vocational studies.
  • Provide families with livestock like chickens, goats, pigs and cows.
  • Improve existing farms by training farmers on better techniques.
  • Provide cash transfers for families experiencing immediate needs.
  • Plant crops like the moringa 'miracle' tree to improve income.
  • Strengthen community organisations to improve management skills.

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you for helping communities become more sustainable! 

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