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Nutrition for Children Bundle

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No child should ever go hungry.

Yet globally, more than 3 million children die every year from undernutrition. And, because of added pressures associated with COVID-19, more children are going without food every day. 

In ChildFund-supported communities, children and youth are part of our nutrition programmes, aimed at improving the quality of food children eat, the frequency of meals and the knowledge of parents and communities to support overall nutritional health by building community gardens and establishing feeding programmes at schools.

And, thanks to our partnership with AA Smartfuel, when you give to ChildFund you also get something back! For every $100 donated, you'll receive 10 cents of AA Smartfuel discounts, up to 50 litres! That means, your $300 donation will give you 30c/litre of savings, and an amazing donation of $1,000 will give you $1/litre of fuel discounts.

What will my donations do? 

With your generous support, ChildFund will be able to: 
  • Support classrooms with early-morning feeding programmes for students.
  • Give families the tools they need to grow their own produce. 
  • Provide schools and communities the ability to grow a veggie garden.
  • Enroll parents into nutritious cooking courses for their families. 
  • Provide emergency food and recovery packs to families going without.

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you for helping children have better nutrition! 

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