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Quality Education Bundle

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A quality education is priceless.

There's no doubt that education gives children the ability to see beyond their current situations, struggles and difficulties. The truth is, school provides children with the key to their future! All children have the right to a high-quality education, but there are millions of girls and boys who don't complete a full course of primary school.

In the communities where ChildFund works, education is a top priority. It has the greatest potential to take a child and their family out of poverty and into a bright and prosperous future. 

And, thanks to our partnership with AA Smartfuel, when you give to ChildFund you also get something back! For every $100 donated, you'll receive 10 cents of AA Smartfuel discounts, up to 50 litres! That means, your $300 donation will give you 30c/litre of savings, and an amazing donation of $1,000 will give you $1/litre of fuel discounts.

What will my donations do? 

With your generous support, ChildFund will be able to: 
  • Pay school fees and tuition, so more children can get to class.
  • Provide children with new school uniforms, so they're not missing out. 
  • Give students new backpacks filled with books and school supplies. 
  • Train teachers on new teaching methods and improved curriculum.
  • Build new classrooms in remote communities.
  • Repair school buildings that are dangerous and leaky.
  • Equip classrooms with desks, chairs and computers to learn.

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you for helping children access a better quality education! 

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