Improved access to water and sanitation for women and children

Improved access to water and sanitation for women and children

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The situation is serious in Batticaloa

Only 25% of the 8,700 families living here have access to adequate clean water. This low level of access puts the majority of people at risk of waterborne illnesses and trapped in a cycle of poverty.

With limited safe water sources in the district, walking to find clean water   is a daily struggle, especially for women. Long hours spent collecting water makes women vulnerable to harassment and leaves them little time for other important activities, like earning an income, and caring for children.

Children in Batticaloa are getting sick and dying from drinking dirty water.

Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of death for children under five. A recent demographic and Health Survey of Sri Lanka reported that the district of Batticaloa had the highest prevalence of diarrhoea among children in all of Sri Lanka.

Most of the schools in the district do not have clean water or sanitation facilities. Children have no other option than to go to the toilet in the school garden. It’s not surprising that absenteeism is an issue.

No toilets means older girls miss one week of school every month, putting them behind, and making them extra susceptible to dropping out.

A lack of education means limited employment opportunities, keeping people in poor communities like Batticaloa, trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Please help us get clean water to Batticaloa!

Your donation will help ChildFund to:

  • Restore broken wells
  • Install a new pipe-born water supply system
  • Construct toilets at schools
  • Educate the community on safe sanitation practices

That’s 6,500 families, who will have improved access to clean water and the information they need to stay healthy.