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Emergency Response

12-year-old Rushna lives in Cox’s Bazar — the world’s largest refugee camp.

Cox’s Bazar is home to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who have fled from violence... and nearly 60 percent of these are children. For the families who live in Cox’s Bazar, everyday life is a struggle.  Most families live in bamboo and tarpaulin shelters, in extremely close proximity to one another. Children have limited access to basic resources, and thousands have spent their whole lives fighting for survival.

ChildFund has been addressing the immediate needs of Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar since 2017, when the crisis began — providing spaces for children to grow up safe, educated and empowered.

We haven’t had the need to request donations from our New Zealand supporters for this important work... until now.

Recently, an enormous fire has spread through Cox’s Bazar, forcing around 45,000 people out of their homes, and 15 people to lose their lives. Sadly, more than 400 people are still unaccounted for.

In our recent donor survey, we asked our supporters to let us know what they would like to receive from ChildFund. Something that came through clearly is that Kiwi donors, like you, are dedicated to helping out when children, youth and their families are in crisis.

That’s why we are reaching out to you now with this special edition of Gifts that Grow.

By donating to ChildFund’s Gifts that Grow catalogue, you’re reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable, excluded and deprived children with life-changing support. For more than 80 years, ChildFund has been addressing the immediate needs of children in crisis and, while we’ve continued to innovate and progress through the years, we are as committed as ever to our values of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Choose one of the following items and help children like Rushna to thrive, even in crisis.