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Desert Locusts

Desert locusts are the world's most dangerous pests. Their swarms can be thousands of square kilometres in size and contain hundreds of billions of locusts - consuming everything in their paths. This is the current situation in Kenya, where 11 of ChildFund's sponsorship communities have been affected by desert locusts swarms. 

Locusts eat all vegetation in their path

The communities where we work are largely dependent on farming. When huge swarms of desert locusts invaded these communities over the past few weeks, all of the crops have been consumed. This means, no harvest, no income, and no food for children and families. Recent estimates indicate that approximately 8,000 sponsored children are currently impacted by this situation.

We need your help

We are reaching out to our generous supporters to provide a timely response to the needs of children and families in rural Kenya. Between now and 31 March, we aim to reach 1,000 children with Kiwi support. Will you help? 

With your generous donation of $150, $50 or even $25, you can help children and pregnant women in ChildFund's sponsorship community by providing them with emergency food and nutrition packs. 

Your support is urgently needed. Thank you for your support. 

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