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Emergency Response Bundle

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Children and youth in emergencies need your help, right away.

It seems like every day the world's most vulnerable communities are faced with devastating emergencies like conflict and droughts and the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Each circumstance is unique, and requires a specialised response plan to meet the immediate and medium-term needs of children, youth and their families.

ChildFund New Zealand is part of the global ChildFund Alliance, which works together to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. We have long-term programmes in more than 70 countries where we are focused on preparing communities in advance of a disaster, and keeping children safe when the unexpected happens. 

By donating to ChildFund today, you're helping us respond to the life-threatening emergencies that will happen in communities around the world tomorrow. 

And, thanks to our partnership with AA Smartfuel, when you give to ChildFund you also get something back! For every $100 donated, you'll receive 10 cents of AA Smartfuel discounts, up to 50 litres! That means, your $300 donation will give you 30c/litre of savings, and an amazing donation of $1,000 will give you $1/litre of fuel discounts.

What will my donations do? 

With your generous support, ChildFund will be able to: 

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you for helping children and youth in crisis! 

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