Resh McGann, partnerships manager

I want to help children as all children – regardless of where they live in the world – deserve access to food and clean water, reliable healthcare, and a quality education. All children – regardless of where they live in the world – deserve to exercise their agency, and contribute to positive change in their communities." 

I have the absolute pleasure of working with wonderful ChildFund New Zealand supporters who wish to leave a charitable legacy to help children and to help end poverty. Like many of us, I’m strongly informed by my background. I was born during civil war in a country (Sri Lanka) that is still healing from natural disaster, violent ethnic conflict – and more recently, a terror attack.  So, with the opportunities I have, I wish to advocate for those who will uphold civil rights, equal opportunity and positive change in their communities.  Children stand at the core of this change.

For over three years now, ChildFund and our wide network of people, continue to uplift me on a daily basis. From our community here in New Zealand to our partners overseas, I am provided with daily insights to all that that can be achieved when we collaborate toward positive change.  

When I’m not working, I love to spend time outdoors with my husbandAuckland’s Cornwall Park especially, although any outdoor area that provides space to stretch will do. We don’t need much to reflect on the privilege of living in a country where social ideals and pragmatism combine so well.