Quenelda Clegg, Director of Programmes

Quenelda Clegg, Director of Programmes | ChildFund New Zealand

“I want to help children because every young person deserves the opportunity to make a life for themselves.  For this to happen, children must be nourished and have access to education and healthcare and also be protected from harm.  With this foundation, the next generation will have a chance to thrive, support their own children, and strengthen their communities so that they no longer need outside assistance.” 

As the Director of Programmes at ChildFund New Zealand, I lead our programmes team in the delivery of development assistance and humanitarian projects in our dedicated communities, throughout Asia, Africa, and the Pacific regions. I believe that it is important to support communities that experience poverty and who are affected by a range of crises and disasters, which are all too often caused by climate change.  I hold a Master of International and Community Development, and am currently undertaking a Post-Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management.  Prior to my role at ChildFund, I worked in schools, including in Timor-Leste and an indigenous community in Australia. I have also worked for the United Nations and the World Bank. I love working for ChildFund because I have been able to form wonderful working relationships with our local partners who work with the communities to deliver projects aimed and improving the wellbeing of children.  Likewise, at ChildFund, I have been able learn about and engage with the Kiwi supporters that make these projects possible.