Paul Brown, chief executive officer

“I want to help children because I believe every child, irrespective of where they were born or their circumstances, have the right to live life to the full.” 

While my job title is CEO, keeping us on our mission is essentially what I do. This includes developing and delivering strategies that ensure we deliver on impact and that lead to more children being able to thrive in the dedicated communities we work in. It's also ensuring that we remain relevant in today’s environment and encouraging our team to be curious and courageous to try new things.  I joined ChildFund New Zealand nearly 16 years ago and it's fair to say a lot has changed in this time. 

I enjoy working with people and solving complex problems, I like working out the patterns in systems and how they can be leveraged to drive change for good. It helps too that I feel strongly on fighting for the little guy and taking on inequality!  

Believe it or not I do get away from work sometimes and when I do, I’m usually either spending time with my wife and sons or I’m walking the dog (running even at times).