What you need to know about ChildFund Rugby

What you need to know about ChildFund Rugby

What is ChildFund Rugby and how does it help young people?

ChildFund Rugby is part of ChildFund's Sport For Development programme – a set of partnerships with sports organisations around the world to help vulnerable young people realise their rights and have opportunities to play, learn and grow through sport. 

ChildFund partners to work with young people through a specifically designed rugby programme to help them develop the critical social and emotional skills they need to set goals, manage emotions, build positive relations and make responsible decisions.

Research shows this helps young people to overcome challenges, inspire positive social change and take leadership roles within their communities

Check out this 1 minute video here about ChildFund Rugby.

ChildFund and the Rugby World Cup 2021 playing in 2022

ChildFund is the principal charity partner for the Rugby World Cup 2021 playing in 2022 to support the next generation of unstoppable women in rugby.

Learn more about the ChildFund partnership here.

About ChildFund's Sport For Development

Research shows that the international appeal and reach of sport can provide an engaging platform for learning across different geographical, social, cultural and political contexts.

Since the early 2000’s the potential of well designed sport initiatives have been recognized and formally endorsed in international policy as contributing to strategic development goals.

Well-designed Sport for Development programmes can promote social integration, leadership skills, gender equality, good health, conflict resolution/prevention, economic development and post disaster trauma relief.

ChildFund Sport for Development’s partnerships achieve specific development outcomes. It recognises the importance of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in supporting Sport for Development and a child’s right to play. 

Meet ChildFund Rugby coach Huyen from Vietnam and read her inspriring story here.



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