We're building on our skills to serve you better!

We're building on our skills to serve you better! | ChildFund New Zealand

We're always looking for ways to get better.

At ChildFund, we understand the importance of change, innovation and continuous improvement. You won't hear about us doing the 'same old thing'... we love to find new ways of doing things, especially when it means we can help even more children and youth to thrive. One way we are doing this is by participating in workshops, trainings and seminars that improve our team's knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Earlier this year, Lee, Vanessa and Daphne from our Donor Care team took part in a specialised workshop focused on building even stronger communications skills. The Great Customer Communication Workshop, was implemented by Tracey from The Great Scott Company and included several training areas to take our friendly team to the next level. Some of these topics included: personality style, strong telephone etiquette, improved email writing, empathy, planning for the future, managing difficult conversations, and much more. 

The team were able to come away from the workshop with an action plan for the next few months, so they can each put the training into practice. 

Like most of us at ChildFund, our Donor Care team (led by Donor Care Manager Janet) is obsessed with measuring their performance. After every completed call, our donors are sent an email to review their satisfaction level. From the last 200 reviews, 94% of donors rated our team 9/10 or above. 

Q: What did you think about the workshop?"

"The training with Tracey from Great Scott was fantastic!  We covered things that I have never learnt about in previous training course and they provided long-term solutions to keep the training fresh in our mind. I feel that this benefited my customer services skills, but also brought our team closer and has helped us work together better." - Vanessa

"Amazing!" - Lee

Through Future Fund, we can innovate for the future and improve how we do things today.

Thanks to our Future Fund supporters we are able to take part in workshops like these and find ways to innovate, form new partnerships and create new programmes. For just $5/month, you can join Future Fund and ensure our organisation is forward-thinking and sustainable so we can do the best job we can for children, youth and their communities.

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