Video: What is it like to visit your sponsored child?

Video: What is it like to visit your sponsored child?

Have you ever wanted to visit your sponsored child? 

That's exactly what our colleague, Marie Chan, experienced when she traveled to Africa last month as part of a monitoring trip to our dedicated programme area, Luangwa, Zambia. 

Not only did Marie meet her sponsored child, but she also had a chance to see some of the amazing achievements made, thanks to the support of New Zealand sponsors. In the following interview, Marie shares about some of her trip highlights: 

2:13 - Marie introduces herself and why she travelled to Zambia

5:30 - Marie shares about her visit to the Kavalamanja Maternity Clinic, constructed last year

9:55 - Marie talks about her experience meeting her sponsored child for the first time

12:44 - Marie shares about the incredible impact of Gifts that Grow items on families in Zambia

14:17 - Marie has some surprises as she visits a newly-constructed school block

22:09 - Marie discusses the impact of the ongoing drought in Zambia

If you'd like to learn more about sponsoring a child, give us a call on 0800 808 822 or visit

Do you want to organise a trip to meet your sponsored child in person? Call Lee at 0800 808 822 today!

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