Preschool children in Sri Lanka are learning better thanks to sponsorship funds

ChildFund helps children through education in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Great news! Attendance at two preschools in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka has increased 30 percent following centre renovations funded by ChildFund New Zealand supporters.

Children are more engaged, with both teachers and parents reporting improvements in the kids learning.

There are 85 children attending the preschools in Mahilavettuva, Sri Krishna and Kalkudh, Sri Murukan. 

Improvements include access to clean drinking water and two toilets (previously there were none in the preschools). There are also cooking facilities so nutritious food can be prepared for the children to eat. Fuller tummies help little brains learn better and little bodies grow better.Fencing around the centres also makes outside play safe and possible.

Thank you so much to supporters. Thank you so much also to our local partners ChildFund Sri Lanka and Action Lanka (formerly Vavunathivu Development Organisation).

(Note, the above photo of children is not from the mentioned centres).

ChildFund's ongoing work in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

ChildFund New Zealand is working with mothers, families and communities in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka to take children out of poverty in Sri Lanka.

Education, health, water/sanitation, family livelihoods and child protection are our key focus areas. The aim is that the community becomes self-sufficient in providing the basics children need to thrive, and so we (with support) can move on to help another community. 

ChildFund New Zealand works in Batticaloa through local partners. With your support, we can help Batticaloa reach its goal of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through better access to safe water, sanitation, education, healthcare and child protection, along with more livelihood opportunities for their families.

If you would like to join us in reaching this goal with the community in Batticaloa and in doing your bit to help children in need, please become a monthly supporter through child sponsor or Child Essentials today.

ChildFund New Zealand and Education

Education is one of the five key areas that ChildFund New Zealand focusses on in our dedicated communities in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kiribati, Kenya, Zambia and Timor-Leste. Our aim is to help these communities provide the basics their children need to thrive so we can move on to help a different community. 

Child sponsorship makes a huge positive difference to not only your sponsor child but to other children too. Join us in helping children access better futures. Thank you so much.

Thank you on behalf of the children you are helping.

Child sponsorship makes a huge positive difference to not only your sponsor child but to other children too, the whole community in fact.

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