A snapshot of how your support is helping in Kiribati

A snapshot of how your support is helping in Kiribati

Check out this six month snapshot on some of the work ChildFund is doing in Betio, Kiribati with thanks to support from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade along with generous Kiwi supporters.

  • Youth Learning Programme: A review and refresh has been done of ChildFund Kiribati’s Youth Learning Programme. There is a high number of young people who drop out of school in Kiribati and don't have opportunities. This bridging programme helps young people learn basic literacy and return to education.
  • Child Protection: ChildFund Kiribati organised the first ever World Children’s Day event to raise awareness about child rights and promote children’s voices. It was attended by over 1,000 people, including preschool students and their families and local organisations. In Kiribati, where children experience relatively high rates of violence at home, awareness around child rights is highly important.
  • Water: Water quality testing continued. All households and public water sources in Betio were invited to participate and were informed of the results of their water supply.
  • Human rights: ChildFund Kiribati received training on human rights from the Ministry of Justice, learning about conventions on human rights, national laws, equality, and cultural values and rights in an intensive two-day workshop.  A video and community events followed the training.
  • Positive parenting: The Childfund Kiribati team completed its positive parenting manual review and is working on plans to roll this out to families in Betio.
  • Future plans include toy-making workshops to engage parents, support for the Kiribati School and Centre for Children with Special Needs and a initiatives to help families improve their nutrition.

With thanks to New Zealand supporters and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we are able to help children, families and communities in Kiribati.

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