Help good go further for free with ChildFund and Supergenerous

Help good go further for free with ChildFund and Supergenerous | ChildFund New Zealand

Supergenerous and ChildFund New Zealand are working together to give our generous Kiwi supporters the option to do more good, with less. To help good go further.

How does it work you ask? It's super easy.

With any donation you make to ChildFund New Zealand, you’re eligible for a 33% tax rebate. On the Supergenerous website you can easily claim your tax donation rebate (for up to the previous four years) and then easily re-donate it to Childfund.

So you pay it forward and help even more children without it costing you a thing! Help good go further.

Go to Supergenerous to sign up, list your past donations and choose to re-donate your rebates back to ChildFund. Supergenerous claims with the IRD on your behalf and with up to four years worth of rebates, you can make a huge impact.

It’s an awesome way to help us continue our important work without reaching into your wallet.

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