Give food to children this Christmas and you could WIN free food for a week!

Give food to children this Christmas and you could WIN free food for a week!

Give Food, Win Food

For the month of November, all Gifts that Grow donations will be eligible for our Give Food, Win Food giveaway. Winners will receive a My Food Bag delivery of their choice, courtesy of My Food Bag (a $200 value)! 

No child should ever go hungry. Yet, globally, more than 3 million children die every year from undernutrition. And, because of added pressures associated with COVID-19, more children are going without food every day.

That's why we have focused on reducing hunger through our 2020/21 Gifts that Grow catalogue... and you can help! 

We are encouraging everyone to donate to our Gifts that Grow catalogue as quickly as possible this year. And, to sweeten the deal, our friends at My Food Bag are providing an incentive for getting your orders in early. 

If we receive your Gifts that Grow order before 11:59pm on 30 November, 2020, you'll be automatically entered into a draw to win a week of free food, courtesy of our friends at My Food Bag

About the 2020/21 Gifts that Grow catalogue

Everyone agrees, 2020 is a bit different than other years. So, we've decided to do things differently than we have in the past. Here are three ways this year's catalogue is different than before:

Give food and you could win free food for a week!

1. We have a special focus on improving nutrition for children. 

There are a few new gift options in Gifts that Grow focused on nutrition and hunger. Items like Feed a Classroom of Children, Emergency Food and Recovery Pack, Green Garden Pack, School Gardens, Moringa Tree and Cooking Courses for Parents have all been included to make it easy for you to help us reach the children and youth who need your help the most this Christmas.

Click here to view all of our health and nutrition gift items.

Give a ChildFund gift card and make everyone happy!

2. We are now offering ChildFund Gift Cards to make Christmas gift-giving even easier!

When it comes to the giving season, nobody wants to give an "it was the thought that counts" kind of gift. In fact, it can be much better (and easier) to satisfy those on your shopping list by simply purchasing gift cards and vouchers from their favourite shops. That's why we've decided to create ChildFund Gift Cards for everyone on your list this Christmas season.

There are many pre-loaded amounts to choose from, and you can even choose to receive a digital voucher online via email (great for last-minute giving), or a physical card through the post

Learn more about our gift cards here.

You could win a My Food Bag of your choice for a week!

3. Thanks to My Food Bag, all orders we receive by 30 November have the chance to win a week of FREE FOOD!

As mentioned above, we are focused on improving nutrition and reducing hunger, especially during this difficult time. As an added incentive to get your orders in early this year, we've partnered up with My Food Bag, who are generously sponsoring our Give Food, Win Food contest. 

For every Gifts that Grow order we receive by 11:59 pm on 30 November, 2020, you will be automatically added into the draw to win a week of FREE FOOD, courtesy of My Food bag (a $200 value). 

Learn more about My Food Bag here.

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  • Sarah Jane Mair

    I love this concept of gifts that have a flow on effect to help those in need.. and every little bit helps.

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