Gardens are a life saver for families

Gardens are a life saver for families | ChildFund New Zealand

Do you or a loved one have green fingers? We certainly know many people who love gardening and in the communities we work in, gardening is so much more than just a hobby.

Gardening is income, it's food and it's life saving.

Green garden pack

In the countries where ChildFund works, the ability to grow fresh vegetables and fruits at home can be a real challenge. The gift of a green garden pack will give families the tools they need to grow their own produce and feed their children healthy meals. A successful harvest can also generate extra income at their local markets. 

Help children with lifesaving garden gifts

School/Community vegetable garden

In some ChildFund-supported communities, getting healthy veggies isn't as easy as heading to the local supermarket. The gift of a school/community garden will give a school or community the ability to grow a vegetable garden to feed local children. Any extras can be sold by families for extra income. 

help children with lifesaving garden gifts

Moringa (miracle) Tree

This drought-tolerant 'miracle' tree improves nutrition and helps to save children's lives. Moringa seeds contain 7x more Vitamin-C than oranges and 17x more calcium than milk. And the tree leaves are used to treat more than 300 diseases. This gift of either a Moringa tree or a grove of Moringa trees will help so many children in so many ways.

Help children with lifesaving garden gifts

Passionfruit vines for improved resilience

In many of the countries where ChildFund works, climate change is negatively impacting crop production. To help families survive, we introduce new crops, like passionfruit, to keep income steady and communities resilient. This wonderful gift of passionfruit vines will provide training for local farmers. 

help children with lifesaving garden gifts


Still not sure? 

Let your green fingered loved one choose for themselves with a ChildFund gift card.


How does Gifts that Grow make a difference?

When kind and caring people like you buy a gift, for example, let’s say a supporter buys chickens from the catalogue then the money they donate for the gift is specially coded so that it goes into a pool of money specifically for buying chickens. The project area receives the money from us (thanks to you!) and uses it to purchase the chickens, cover vet fees and provide training to families on how to care for their chickens so that they can get the maximum benefit.
Please support Gifts that Grow today. Thank you so much!

Children are why we exist

Through the generosity of our supporters, we help children to access stronger, healthier futures and better outcomes through better access to the basics of: water and sanitation; health and nutrition; education; child protection and better livelihood opportunities for their families. 

We work in six dedicated communities in the Pacific, Asia and Africa. We work with the communities through local partners to our unique Road Map plan to community development. Our Road Maps are a plan of strategic goals that have been identified, selected, implemented and monitored with the community. Having established, strong, trusted local relationships with partners, with whom we have a proven track record with, enables us to do this work. Our aim is that these communities become self-sufficient in providing the basics to their children so we can move on to help another community. 

ChildFund New Zealand has been working to help children in need for over 30 years (we are part of an international ChildFund Alliance that has been helping children for over 80 years). Your support of ChildFund New Zealand means you are working with one of the best charities in New Zealand to help children out of poverty. 


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