Check your bank cheques

Check your bank cheques

The speed, safety and convenience of digital transactions has made the use of cheques no longer viable as a payment option. That’s why most New Zealand banks have already stopped using cheques or will stop using them this year 

So, this means banks no longer will issue or supply bank cheques and any ChildFund supporters who still use cheques will need to use an alternative method, like bank debits, automatic payments or credit card paymentsto make regular and one-off donations. 

Our team at ChildFund is here to help you through this transition. We are available by phone 0800 808 822 or by email from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Supporters who have recently used a cheque will receive a phone call from one of the team to offer assistance. 

Advantages of using electronic banks include lower processing costs and no clearance times or dishonors, also keeping track of your transactions becomes a lot easier.  

ChildFund supporting your giving experience

We thank you so much for helping to help children. Read more about how we are working hard to make your giving experience even better:

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ChildFund and you

We thank you so much for your amazing support. 

Remember every dollar helps us with our goal of helping children thrive. We do this by helping their communities become self-sufficient in providing the basics to children around water and sanitation; education; health and nutrition; child protection and livelihood opportunities for families. We do this through our unique Road Map approach to development where community developed and led-goals are reached over a set number of years and where we, with your support, can leave a community equipped to help children thrive and we can move on to help another community. Our dedicated communities are Cao Bang in Vietnam, Emali in Kenya, Luangwa in Zambia, and Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. We also work in the Pacific and Timor-Leste. 

 You can help even more children now through ChildFund.

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